Poetry Group

Do you like poetry? Enjoy reading? Relish words and language? Get pleasure from exchanging ideas with others? If so you might like to try coming along to the Upper Heyford Poetry Group.

The group: It’s a very informal group – no fees or formalities – which first came together in 2007. We meet in member’s homes, usually starting at eight o’clock in the evening and finishing around ten. Meetings are held once a fortnight during school term times, which leaves the school holidays free – important for those with children.

What we do: The aim is to read and enjoy poetry. We’ve all thought in the past that we’d really like to read more poems, but somehow most of us didn’t actually get round to doing much about it – until we got together as a group. That not only motivates us, but being able to share ideas with other people helps us dig into the poems and understand what they might mean. We’ve also made a lot of good friends through it, and the meetings are stimulating and enjoyable.

For each meeting we usually take a poet, or a set of poems, or a theme. The topics are suggested by members of the group, agreed by all and circulated beforehand. Typically a member of the group does a bit of background reading and introduces each session. We read poems aloud, talk about them, try to figure out their meanings – and in the process we learn a great deal from one another and have a lot of fun. We’ve also enjoyed listening to recordings of poets reading their own work, and sometimes to musical settings of poems.

We roam as we please across the vast range of poetry. We’ve looked at Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, Shakespeare’s sonnets, Thomas Hardy, war poetry, Keats, love poems (for Valentine’s day), ‘comic and curious verse’, T S Eliot’s Prufrock, American and Irish poetry, Seamus Heaney, Carol Ann Duffy – to cite just a few examples.

Who can come? Anyone can come along: We don’t have formal membership. You don’t need to live in Upper Heyford itself – you’d be welcome from anywhere in the locality.

You can take part at whatever level you like. There’s absolutely no requirement to host or introduce sessions – and you don’t even have to read aloud if you don’t want to.

If this might appeal to you and you’d like to know more, please contact us. Ring one of the following:

Heather and Roger Burt
Tel: 01869 232770

Alan Hedges
Tel: 01869 233660