Wish Bon Voyage to Upper Heyford’s very own Mongolia Ralliers.

Barley Mow: Friday 18th July at 7:30pm.

Two fine Upper Heyford fellows, Ray Funnell & Marc Colclough-Hoey, are leaving the village on the 19th July at 12-30 from the Reading Room to join the Mongol Rally.

The rally is 18,000 miles, 23 countries, 5 desert crossings, 3 mountain ranges, 15,000 feet altitude, and 12 weeks away from home.

They are raising funds for their charities: Cool Earth & Craft Aid UK.  Their aim is to raise £1000 for each.

Track Ray and Marc in Genghis Cone, on the Mongol Rally, via their website (bookmark it, or make it a shortcut on your desktop): http://marctopbanana.wix.com/genghis-cone

Follow their Blog and add your comments (which they look forward to reading), and please visit the Donate page (everything goes to the specified charities).

This is the finished Genghis Cone.