Upper Heyford Veterans

The Upper Heyford Veterans set up for the 2021-22 Season based at Upper Heyford. They currently play in Divison 2 of the Milton Keynes Veterans league.


Heyford United Football Club

Heyford United Football Club was established on 17th September 1896 as an Upper Heyford & Lower Heyford Football team; in 1950 Lower Heyford formed its own team, Heyford Athletic FC.


Upper Heyford Recreation Field & football pitch, Somerton Road, Upper Heyford, OX25 5LB
Changing facilities at the ground, including showers.


Treasurer & Secretary:
First Team Manager


Lord Jersey Challenge Cup
Winners 1937-38 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee

Front row: Ben Reeve, George Draper, Joe Brock, Captain George Gray Phil Scraggs
Back row: Dennis Chard, Les Walton, Chris Brock, Jim Gregory, Ivor Guntrip, Francis Guntrip, C D Shepherd Lloyd Brock, Ernie Siggers

Jersey Cup winners 1932-33, 1933-34, 1937-38
Lord Jersey Division 2 champions 1967-68, 1989-90, 2005-06
Lord Jersey Division 3 champions 1960-61, 1978-79, 1982-83, 1988-89, 1996-97
Division 3 Supplementary Cup winners 1988-89
Mann Broad bent Cup winners 1990-91
Derrick Allen Memorial Cup 1990-91
Lord Jersey Mid-Oxon Cup 1949
Arthur Crawford Invitation Cup 1989-90
Disciplinary Award (best behaved team) 2006, 2008