Upper Heyford Parish Council would like to remind everyone that the children’s play areas on the recreation field and Village Green are strictly NO DOG areas. It is also policy that dogs being exercised in and around the village (including the recreation field) are kept on leads.

We have received complaints regarding dogs in the children’s play areas recently. Specifically, a larger dog has been let off its lead in the play area and worried small children by bounding up to them whilst they walked to the play area.

The no dogs ruling is in force as we’re sure none of us would like the unpleasantness of our children treading in dog excrement or playing where dogs have urinated. Please respect the rules that NO DOGS should be in the children’s play areas at any time, there is signage displayed to this effect.

Please also remember that there are those who do not like dogs, or are scared of them, and being jumped up at – or even approached by – one can be very upsetting. However friendly you think your pet is being, it may not seem that way to others.

Thank you for your understanding.