The Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan referendum, has now been confirmed for

Thursday March 21st 2019.

A majority vote in favour of adopting the Plan is legally binding, and will mean that all planning applications in our eleven parishes until 2031 will have to be weighed against the sixteen policies that have been approved by the independent examiner.

With this referendum you know exactly what you’re getting. Our plan policies ensure, for example, that:

● Fritwell, Kirtlington, Steeple Aston, Middle Aston and Lower Heyford will be better protected from unwanted development, with indicative limits on numbers of new dwellings permitted.

● All eleven parishes will benefit from protection of valued rural views and from light pollution from new development.

● 24 ‘green spaces’ across the neighbourhood will become protected.

● Settlements around Heyford Park will be protected from new housing joining up with their villages.

● A new health facility at Heyford Park, serving the wider area, will be supported.