Parish Council

Meeting Calendar

Parish Council meetings are held on Thursday evenings, in Upper Heyford Reading Room or Village Hall at 7:15 PM

Meetings are open to the public; the Parish Council welcomes community participation. If a parishioner wishes to raise an issue for discussion at a meeting, the request must be passed to the Chairman or Clerk at least seven days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Public access to documents: all Parish Council documents are available for inspection by parishioners by prior appointment via the Clerk.

Meetings in 2021

Agenda May 2021 PC Mtg

Forthcoming Meetings: 20th May, 10th June, 8th July, 9th September, 7th October, 11th November

Meetings in 2018

Forthcoming Meetings:  10 May (Annual Parish Meeting), 24 May, 5 July, 13 September (HP), 11 October, 15 November

Meetings in 2017

Forthcoming meetings: : 9 February, 9 March (HP), 13 April, 11 May (Annual Parish Meeting), 18 May, 15 June (HP), 6 July, 10 August, 14 September (HP), 12 October, 9 November

The next meeting of the Parish Council is changed to  22 Jun at Heyford Park: Agenda below:

Agenda for 22 June 2017 PC Mtg