About 1 mile (1.6 km) to the east of the village is the former RAF Upper Heyford airbase.

AirBaseArialThe base was used by the RAF from the 1920s as a bomber base, then in the 1950s assigned to the USAF. Since its closure in 1994, the base has become an industrial and commercial estate of some importance. The runway (once the second longest in Europe) is used to store new cars awaiting delivery to dealers. Several relics from the cold war remain such as the disused bunkers, water towers, huts and fences. There is a large number of ex-service houses immediately south of the base/industrial area which are rented.

A planning application for RAF Upper Heyford was underway in 2007. The plan proposed the protection of most of the historic elements of the airbase. However, most if not all of the bungalows south of the airfield would be demolished to make way for about 1,000 new houses.

For more information about the airbase, please visit the Wikipedia page here.

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