Do you know and use Your True Voice?

Workshop on the 8th September at the Community Centre, Upper Heyford

Please see the flyer, above, for event details and contact information.

To introduce Chris:

He visits the UK twice a year from Australia and offers us a wonderful opportunity to develop our expression by exploring and deepening our connection to ourselves through sound and song. He travels around the UK doing workshops, as far  as down to Cornwall and up to Scotland  and we are very lucky to have him come to us. 

The question is.. Do you know and use Your True Voice?

Chris brings so much more than appears on the surface and if you have ever felt you lack confidence in singing, public speaking or expressing what you feel, then this course will support you to literally find your true voice. Chris’s light hearted and playful approach will encourage you to open up and express from your inner heart, by deepening  your awareness of the truth of your own individual expression, and have fun doing it!