As you know, the MCNP Regulation 14 consultation is currently underway. The MCNP have arranged a series of meetings where residents can attend and find out more, or ask questions on the revised plan being consulted on. The dates of these meetings are listed below. It would be great if we could see as many of you as possible on the 13th February at the Village Hall, but if you cannot make that date, please feel free to attend any of the others. It is important that the MCNP hears as many views as possible during the consulation period.

Steeple & Middle Aston – 24th January 8pm – Steeple Aston Village Hall
Fritwell – 30th January 7pm – Fritwell Village Hall
Kirtlington – 31st January 6:30pm – Kirtlington Church
Ardley w/Fewcott – 6th February – 7:30pm – Ardley w/Fewcott Main Hall
Somerton & North Aston – 7th February 7:30pm – Somerton Village Hall
Heyford Park – 12th February 7:30pm – The Heyford
Upper Heyford – 13th February 7pm – Upper Heyford Village Hall
Lower Heyford – 15th February 6:30pm – King Geoge’s Field Hall
Duns Tew – 17th February 2pm – Duns Tew Village Hall
Middleton Stoney – 20th February 7pm – Middleton Stoney Village Hall

Thank you.